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Bacon overwhelms even Shoal Creek

April 27, 2016

Your Editor often walks the doggies along Shoal Creek to take in all the flora and fauna, especially when as today it is running strong after a nice rain. However, in passing under the bridges, save one, olfactory sensitivity is no asset. The sense of smell triggers memories like no other, and the Shoal Creek bridges powerfully evoke the threshold of a dank alley in downtown San Francisco. If you know what we mean.

The great exception, of course, is underneath the 10th Street bridge. There it is redolent of bacon, which overwhelms the ambient residue of humanity, and this is the view as one emerges on the north side, shimmering like an oasis calling a thirsty man:

bacon restaurant

Doing its best to knock Austin off that Vegan top-ten list, no doubt.

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