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Robert Morrow and the Travis County GOP

June 2, 2016

Travis County Republicans are, in the words of your Editor’s beloved father, “a couple of nice cats.” The actual voters, however, have elected one Robert Morrow to the chairmanship of the Travis County GOP. This is not helping the party’s cause locally — or wouldn’t if it had one — as this rather hilarious and decidedly NSFW round up of “the 18 craziest tweets of Robert Morrow” will confirm for all but the most decompensated of the anti-PC crowd.

All of this is apropos of nothing important, other than it led to this little gem of an opening paragraph on the front page of the morning’s Statesman:

With the exquisite care of a bomb squad, the Travis County Republican Party is seeking to defuse its Robert Morrow problem by crafting rules that will enable the party to function as normally as possible under a duly elected chairman who has described himself, with considerable understatement, as “Donald Trump on steroids.”

Bomb squad indeed. And, it must be said, a micro version of the drama slow-motion train wreck unfolding in front of the national Republican Party.

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