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Justin Trudeau, legal weed, and the progressive impulse

June 11, 2016

The Washington Post‘s Wonkblog argues that “Justin Trudeau may have made the best case for legal pot ever.” Trudeau argues that young people are going to smoke it anyway, it is in fact more available because it is illegal and unregulated, and billions of dollars end up in the hands of organized crime which then does lots of other bad things.

Read it if you dare, but that is actually the most banal argument for legal pot ever. It
amounts exactly to this: “Prohibition was a great idea, but it made alcohol more fashionable among people who had not been drinking before and the mob and official corruption screwed it all up.”

How about, “it shouldn’t be illegal to smoke a plant, ever.” Or to distill one.

That liberals decided to rebrand themselves as “progressives,” the name of the movement that gave us Prohibition, perhaps the most socially pestilential idea ever, is the most compelling evidence that Americans don’t do history.

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  • Reply DEC (Jungle Trader) June 11, 2016 at 1:16 pm

    Meanwhile in the Philippines . . .
    From Voice of America, 5Jun16:
    “The president-elect of the Philippines says he will pay a bounty to people who kill drug dealers. Rodrigo Duterte said during his campaign he would unleash the military and police on dealers. Late Saturday, however, he invited the general public to go after drug traffickers. Speaking to a large crowd of cheering supporters in a televised speech, Duterte — who will take office on June 30 — said he would pay $107,000 for dead drug dealers. ”

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