April 23, 2016

Seen from one of the little bridges at the lower end of the Johnson Creek Trail, under the various flyovers that tie together 6th Street and Mopac…

stop having

Dang, those social conservatives are everywhere. But you have to admire the professionalism in the large-scale lettering — that sucker is maybe 12 feet long.

I admit, I had no idea that the problem of sex under Mopac had reached the point of offending the spray paint dudes. I’m sure that the neighbors of the Hope Gallery on Baylor, who have seen a massive increase in vandalism, public urination, drugs, and crime in their neighborhood, would be delighted if spray painters in general were nearly so delicate.



April 21, 2016

Stevie towers.

Good evening.

This is a blog about Austin, the “blueberry in the tomato soup,” as Texas governor Rick Perry famously put it. We will comment on this most exciting of cities, the fastest growing large city in the United States and probably all the developed world. We will post pictures, commentary about politics, the arts, and the social and culinary scene, and anything else that suits our interests or moves our spirit. The opinions we express here, which will not necessarily be popular among, er, Austinites (itself a term that offends our aesthetic), are our own, and are not attributable to our employer, family members, co-religionists, people of the same ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, neighborhood, income decile, or any other heretofore invidious classification to which others might attribute group identity or accountability.

Oh. And we’ve done this blogging thing before. And there will probably be some stuff not precisely about Austin. But it will be fun!