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Gender gap is as gender gap does

May 10, 2016

There is a new Quinnipiac Swing State poll out, and Hillary and The Donald are in an apparent dead heat where it matters. The people in the important swing states of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania have tasted and measured their bile in the contemplation of their vote in November, and responded accordingly.

The talking head buffoonerators on the TV above the bar in the United Club in Austin, whence your Editor scribbles, are going on about Hillary’s huge advantage among women as supposedly revealed in that poll, side by side with this graphic:


Anybody see anything wrong with MSNBC’s logic?* “Gender gap” may not mean what they think it means.


*Because the milk of intellectual honesty flows through your Editor’s veins, we might not have given MSNBC the full benefit of actually listening. Our impressions are based on a few seconds looking at the subtitles scrolling across the screen, so our assessment of MSNBC might be unfair. Then again, MSNBC is not known for putting things in context, so there is a limit to our reticence about leaping to a conclusion.

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  • Reply DEC (Jungle Trader) May 10, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    Women can get an “official woman card” from Hillary’s campaign. One definition of the word “card” is “a clownishly amusing person.” Does that mean a woman with an “official woman card” is a female clown?

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